About Us

About us

Experience India's Unique Cafe Culture the Akia way

Kia Cafe was born to build an evocative experience like no other in the Indian cafe industry!

At Kia Cafe, we’ve created a unique space that celebrates the vibrancy and diversity of Indian cafe culture. Whether you’re looking for classic dishes or innovative new creations, our menu has something for everyone.

With three distinct verticals, you can relax and enjoy the perfect meal or drink in a beautiful setting designed to delight your senses. Come experience the best of Indian cafe culture at Kia Cafe.


To cut down ecological landfills by eating our way through our cups! Plastic and paper cups account for almost 18 % in the landfills. We’re going to change that!

We also want to bring back the café culture after the pandemic! To provide a VFM space for people of all ages to simply sit back and have conversations.